Friday, June 3, 2011

Ugh not again

Just another bump in the road.
So I called Geo's nurse this afternoon to ask about getting a RX for him for the 30$ formula and she said that she could get it for a month but that he would need to be seen before I could get more. I can understand this and except for having no insurance and owing them 1k$ I have no trouble with it. Well I went up there got the RX and went straight to WIC to get the new voucher before it got any later in the month and they start taking some away. Well I get up there and they said it was not the right kind of RX that they have to have one of their forms filled out and used not a real RX. They said they would let me get this one month (Thank You Jesus!) because they know I have been there like 6 times in the last two to three months and trying to get everything right. So now I have to find a way to get to the DR with Geo again before the 26th (his apt date). Medicaid is still not going through or anything and so its not like I can just say oh they will just pick it up. And I def can not afford 30$ a can of formula that doesn't even last 4 days! So hopefully things will get better somewhere.
Oh and please pray for my husband and his family they just laid his grandmother to rest today and she went home to meet Jesus and see her long time love that departed before almost a year ago.

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