Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thoughts of a mom

At the end of it all your kids wont care if they had desinger clothes, was able to take gymnastics, able to go on vacations to the Grand Canyon or Bahamas. They will not care that they stayed at home while others went to the movies, they did not eat pizza every night, or that you were more strict on them than other parents.
In the end all they will care about is you reading to them or watching TV with them. That even when you were tired and wanted to go to bed you cleaned the house so they were not living in filth. That even though dinner was late they got to help you and you taught them how to make their favorite meal. That you taught them how to play using just their imaginatoin and a stick to be able to save the princess and beat the magic dragon.
In the end the only thing your kids will care about is that you loved them and were there for them.

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