Saturday, May 28, 2011

Things are supposed to get easier

But it doesn't seem to be going that way for me. 
So Thomas got a letter in the mail the other day from the department of motor safety. And its one of those street camera traffic tickets. When I went to get Geo's antibiotics for his double ear infection I had ran a red light and sure enough there was a camera there. I did not run it on purpose mind you, I was in a neighboring city that I never going to trying to find a certain street to find the store they had called in the medication to, the reason I was going there was because they offered free antibiotics which was great. Well by the time I saw and read the street sign I was in the middle of the intersection and it was already red on my side, GREAT. So now my free antibiotics is 50$ and a spot on my driving record which will raise my insurance rate also. YAY! 
On a good note though we were able to get his crib up last night and he slept by himself. He could/can not stand the bassinet, though every now and then we could get him in it. So most of them time he would sleep in his swing. 
I hope that at some point these apnea/choking spells stop. I feel a little bit better about it since at the hospital last time they taught me infant CPS and Heimlich, but it still does not put my heart at ease. Twice while eating just a moment ago he choked then after words he had the apnea spell. They are still trying to treat it as reflux, but even with increasing the amount of medication it is not helping. If anyone has any advice about this please let me know  I am more than up for help.

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