Sunday, May 29, 2011

Well it's hard

But we out up his crib this weekend. I can't hardly sleep ESP not having an apnea monitor but he seems to sleep a lot better. His first night in it he threw up everywhere right off the bat. Yesterday he didn't but this morning he did again. Then at church he did it again along with choking :(. He was wheezing while he was sleeping at church and I tried moving him around to see it would help some and it did a little but to others it was cute cause he was "snoring". I know they don't know better and if it was just that it would be cute but unfortunately I know better.
On Friday I wennt for my check up after having Geo (wonder how much that will be) and everything seems to be well with me which is good but I come home and while I was gone DHs mom came by and told us his grqndmoer passed just an hour before hand. His grandfather passed not even a year ago and in a way they didn't expect her to make it after that but she was a relatively healthy woman ESP for her age, and she just had two heart attacks back to back and that was it. If I hadn't mentioned it before Geo is named after his grandfather. We never thought he was a girl even with out an u/s but on the way to the hospital we decided if he did end up being a girl he would be named Lillian after his grandmother. So now I almost want to have anothone just to be able to do this, but I know there is no way we can afford another child.
On a good note though I did have someone buy something from my store which is awesome and helpful but I feel bad cause they did not tell me a size and has not answered their email so I have yet to be able to make it :(. Hopefully they will check it soon and before they report me for "not doing it".

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